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Rib Rub - BOûLD Ass Seasoning

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Rib Rub - BOûLD Ass Seasoning

BOûLD flavor

What's BOûLD about our seasoning?

TRY our Hand-crafted signature BOûLD Ass Rib Rub

This BOûLD flavor combination pairs perfectly with Pork, or Beef, yet is versatile enough for Chicken, Seafood & Veggies.

Don't take our word for it


We have a pantry full of spices...this is one of the best I've had in years! Highly Recommended!


Cleveland, Ohio


If you’re looking for a dry rub that will amplify the flavor of your
meats and vegetables, BOûLD Ass Seasoning is the one! It’s so savory and delicious, giving your meal that extra kick that it needs to keep you
wanting more.

Abby Luc

I love this rub. It goes perfectly with ribs like peanut butter goes
with jelly! And it's so versatile, too— not only great with beef or pork,
but poultry and veggies as well!


Question: What is a pescatarian doing buying a rib rub? Answer:
Getting an amazing seasoning for fish and veggies! I've tried this rub
on all sorts of fish and vegetables - hands down perfect for each and
every one.

Scovie Award Winning Flavor!

Our Rib Rub won 3rd in the Dry Rub, Low Sodium category!!

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