BOûLD biodegradable market bags

Our Sustainability Promise

BOûLD Sustainability Efforts

Making sustainable and environmentally friendly choices where possible is important to us as a brand.

BOûLD 24oz refill bags

Refill size bags made from recycled material

COMING SOON! Our NEW recycled plastic pouches produce less waste, use compostable printing inks, and will allow repeat customers to reuse their plastic 9oz spice jar.

BOûLD biodegradable market bags

Green market bags that are green!

Our BOûLD market shopping bags are both green in color and biodegradable
(Green) for the Earth. Once discarded in landfill sites, the exposure
to sunlight, oxygen and heat will convert the plastic in this bag into
water, carbon dioxide, mineral salt and biomass. Like a fallen leaf, it
will disappear over time and leave no harmful residue in the soil.

BOûLD sustainable packing materials

Sustainable packing materials

Our starch shipping packing peanuts are bio-degradable and can be
dissolved with water instead of being discarded. Our shipping boxes and branded paper tape are also paper based and environmentally friendly.

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